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May 08 - 10, 2017

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Customer Acquisition and Omnichannel

Monday, May 8, 2017

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8:00 AM Welcome Remarks & Icebreaker

8:10 AM Chairperson’s Opening Address

Bob Barr, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive

 Bob Barr
Bob Barr
Managing Director
Accenture Interactive
Bob leads Accenture’s Global B2B Commerce Practice. The practice works with large global enterprises as they seek differentiation, value creation and sustained growth through end-to-end digital transformation.

Bob has led delivery organizations, as large as 400+ professionals, delivering digital transformation and operations projects
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8:25 AM Fireside Chat: Defining the B2B Customer: Who’s Researching & Who’s Buying

Elizabeth Ubell, VP & President, Marketing, eCommerce and Medium Customers, WW Grainger

Unlike B2C, B2B customers are not easily identifiable.  While one person is researching your site, another is making the executive decision on where to purchase, and yet another is the one whose name is listed on the account.  Most B2B purchases are made by at least 2 decision makers or more, meaning you are never sure who you are marketing to.  Understanding how to market to individuals within a business as well as a business as a whole is the key to understanding the B2B customer.

Differentiating between the individual who makes the decision and the individual who makes the purchase – who are you really talking to?
Creating target messaging that resonates with B2B
Accurately addressing the needs of the individual shopper and the business at large
 Elizabeth Ubell
Elizabeth Ubell
VP & President, Marketing, eCommerce and Medium Customers
WW Grainger
Elizabeth Ubell is responsible for leading and expanding Grainger’s U.S. Medium Customer Business, which includes Inside Sales, along with Marketing and Digital for the U.S. Ms. Ubell joined Grainger as the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Continuous Improvement in July 2014. Ms. Ubell brings extensive global experience in strategy, marketi ...[Read More]

8:45 AM Keynote: An Overview of the Digital B2B Landscape: Diagnosing Your Digital Progress

Andy Hoar, VP and Principal Analyst, B2B, Forrester Research

When it comes to digital experience, every company in manufacturing and distribution is different.  While some are doing millions of dollars of business online, others are just deciding which eCommerce platform to purchase.  Identifying where you sit in the broad digital spectrum can help you determine your digital roadmap for the future.

•    Assessing what your digital needs are
•    Understanding how to become a fully digital organization and where to invest
•    Evaluating new technology and innovation and your roadmap for adoption
 Andy Hoar
Andy Hoar
VP and Principal Analyst, B2B
Forrester Research
Andy serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. He focuses primarily on B2B and B2B2C eCommerce, as well as issues related to enabling channel partner businesses for manufacturers. Andy is the author of Forrester's B2B eCommerce playbook and is a leading authority on B2B eCommerce business and strategy.

Previous Wor ...[Read More]

9:10 AM Keynote: Transforming the B2B Customer Experience with Data-Driven Commerce

Gilbert Moreno, IT Section Manager, National Instruments Corp

Many B2B organizations struggle to manage complex product catalogs and deliver relevant and timely product information as part of the B2B buying experience. Hear from Gilbert Moreno at National Instruments on how they transformed to a data-driven commerce experience to support technical buyers and their need for detailed product information. Learn how investments in new technology and their focus on innovation enabled them to simplify and improve every customer interaction.

 Gilbert Moreno
Gilbert Moreno
IT Section Manager
National Instruments Corp
Gilbert Moreno is an IT professional with over 18 years of experience in both development and management roles. He has worked for National Instruments in its IT organization for 17 years helping to implement, design and manage systems projects in the CRM, ERP and eCommerce spaces. Most recently he has led a group of developers across 3 sites to del ...[Read More]

9:30 AM Panel: Marketplaces: Understanding the Potential Opportunities and Risks

Darryl Shaper, Digital Marketing Vice President, Arrow Electronics

Martin Rohde, VP, B2B eCommerce, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Sonesh Shah, Director of Digital, Bosch Tool Corporation

Adrien Nussenbaum, CEO & Co-Founder, Mirakl

Scott Reynolds, Vice President, B2B Business Unit, Payoneer

Marketplaces have made huge waves in the B2B industry.  Many of them came from the B2C space, meaning they have a deep understanding of their customers, their segments and a handle on a superior customer experience.  As they continue to take market share, B2B companies must decide whether or not to view marketplaces as the competition, or engage with them as customers themselves.

•    Identifying the best marketplaces for your brand
•    Extracting usable data from a marketplace
•    Cultivating a customer base using marketplaces
•    Avoiding price hacking to maintain your margins
 Darryl Shaper
Darryl Shaper
Digital Marketing Vice President
Arrow Electronics
Darryl has been working with eCommerce and Digital Marketing since the 90’s as Compaq Computer built it’s first B2B eCommerce store for SMB to compete with Dell.  Darryl has spent over $200M with Google on Adwords during that time and watched the eCommerce and Digital Marketing field e ...[Read More]

 Martin Rohde
Martin Rohde
VP, B2B eCommerce
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Martin Rohde is responsible for developing and executing HP’s business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce strategy. He works to increase sales via custom online portals by improving functionality and the online customer experience. He collaborates across HP’s business groups and functional areas, including IT, operations, marketing and consumer online sal ...[Read More]

 Sonesh Shah
Sonesh Shah
Director of Digital
Bosch Tool Corporation
Experienced digital leader - currently leading all digital marketing, eCommerce and connected products for Bosch Tool Corporation in the US and Canada. Responsible for setting our digital strategy across our brands and supporting digital transformation efforts in both B2B and B2C.
Passionate about the change that digital can bring to the bra
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 Adrien Nussenbaum
Adrien Nussenbaum
CEO & Co-Founder
Adrien Nussenbaum is CEO of Mirakl Inc., a provider of online marketplace technology and services. He is a serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years of

Entrepreneurial and Business Development experience. After completing his studies at the HEC School of management (Paris), Nussenbaum started his career with< ...[Read More]

 Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds
Vice President, B2B Business Unit
Scott Reynolds is Vice President of the B2B business unit at Payoneer.  Scott came to Payoneer via the acquisition of Armor Payments, where he was founder and CEO. With extensive payments industry experience, Scott is an accomplished entrepreneur and intrapreneur, leading the development and launch of innovative solutions for startups and within Fo ...[Read More]

10:00 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break

10:50 AM Keynote: Let’s Talk.

Mike Roth, Senior Director, eCommerce, MSC Industrial Supply Co.

Many say the art of carrying on a conversation is dying due to advances in technology, connectivity and instant access to data and information. But in B2B, conversations still play a critical role in understanding customers’ needs. Mike Roth, Senior Director of eCommerce for MSC, shares MSC’s insights on how conversations are even more important in today’s digital world. 
Key Takeaways:

•    The more digital the world becomes, the more important people and trust become in delivering a seamless customer experience. 
•     People’s preferences are changing. Are you prepared to have conversations in the way your customers prefer?
•     The conversation is about to change again. Are you thinking about how to handle the next generation of conversations?

 Mike Roth
Mike Roth
Senior Director, eCommerce
MSC Industrial Supply Co.
Michael Roth serves as Senior Director of eCommerce for MSC Industrial Supply Co., a leading North American distribution of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and services. Michael and his team are responsible for designing and implementing MSC’s digital experience, which accounts for nearly 60 percent of MSC’s sales.  MSC was recent ...[Read More]

11:10 AM Keynote: Built for B2B – The Digital Commerce Journey and Hisco’s Path to Success`

Julie Stewart, Director eCommerce, Hisco

Gary Niemand, Senior VP IT, Hisco

Brian Strojny, Founder/Sr. Vice President, Insite Software

Digital initiatives such as creating an e-commerce website often uncover broader organizational roadblocks. But building a strong digital team and developing consensus across the company can make the journey smoother for any company.
 Julie Stewart
Julie Stewart
Director eCommerce
Julie Stewart is the Director of eCommerce at Hisco, an industrial distributor for the electronics assembly, aerospace and medical device manufacturing markets. Stewart began her eCommerce career as an Internet Marketing Assistant for All-Spec Industries, an eCommerce-only distributor to the electronics assembly market. Over the next few years, Ste ...[Read More]

 Gary Niemand
Gary Niemand
Senior VP IT
Gary has over 25 years experience within the industrial distribution industry, always with a B2B focus.  He has divided his career between the IT function and other business areas such as Procurement and Sales Operations, giving him a broad range of experience.  Currently Gary is the Senior VP of IT as well as being on the executive leadership team ...[Read More]

 Brian Strojny
Brian Strojny
Founder/Sr. Vice President
Insite Software
Brian co-founded Insite in 2004, and has provided strong eCommerce strategy for clients, prospects and global partners. Brian is well-versed in the needs of Insite's manufacturing and distribution clients as a result of his strong ERP consulting background plus his experience and knowledge surrounding b2b ecommerce. ...[Read More]

11:30 AM Panel: Measuring the ROI of Your Systems and Platforms: Justifying The Investment

Dale Kendall, VP, eCommerce, Wesco Distribution

Matt Clark, VP, eCommerce, Premier Farnell

Chris Rooney, President & Founder, Digital Bridge Solutions Guidance

Brian Beck, SVP, eCommerce & Omnichannel Strategy, Guidance

As B2B companies continue to purchase new tools and systems, they continue to need more resources from their organizations.  Measuring how well your platforms are performing and who is responsible for the success or failure is vital to justifying technology spend. 

•    Identifying the goals of your attribution program
•    Defining your attribution parameters – what’s your measuring method
•    Navigating the data extracted from your model to identify where to dedicate resources
•    Taking the data from your program and investing in areas with the greatest return
 Dale Kendall
Dale Kendall
VP, eCommerce
Wesco Distribution

Dale Kendall joined WESCO in late 2014 as Vice President, eCommerce.  Since 1999, his focus has been on building and leading large scale e-commerce programs, websites, and teams for companies ranging from Silicon Valley dot com to private equity to Fortune 500 multinationals.  Comp ...[Read More]

 Matt Clark
Matt Clark
VP, eCommerce
Premier Farnell
Matt Clark leads Premier Farnell’s global digital marketing & eCommerce team, delivering $500 million in yearly e-commerce sales through more than 40 websites around the globe. Matt has held eCommerce, sales, marketing and customer service positions at Dell, PCM, Saturn and EDS. He received his bachelor’s degree from Purdue and a MBA from Vanderbil ...[Read More]

 Chris Rooney
Chris Rooney
President & Founder
Digital Bridge Solutions Guidance
Chris Rooney is the President and Founder of Digital Bridge Solutions, a full-service digital development agency creating online content and commerce experiences for mid-sized B2B enterprises. His 15+ years of consulting experience working at the intersection of strategy, technology, and marketing give him a road-tested perspective on driving ...[Read More]

 Brian Beck
Brian Beck
SVP, eCommerce & Omnichannel Strategy
Brian Beck has 16 years of experience, including more than a decade as a hands-on C-level Ecommerce executive.   He has achieved high growth rates in excess of 100% per year and has held full P&L responsibility up to $100 million as the lead digital executive in both early stage and multi-billion dollar enterprises.   He is an expert in the ar ...[Read More]

12:00 PM Keynote: A Digital Experience Diary- The Secrets to Awe-Inspiring Digital Experiences

Jill Steinhour, Director High-Tech and B2B Strategy, Adobe

Great digital experiences are a key focus for brands as a means to differentiate in an increasingly competitive and noisy marketplace. But what are the experiences that are impactful and successful? Join Adobe’s Jill Steinhour, Director Industry Strategy, High-Tech and B2B for a behind the scenes look at the elements of compelling, differentiating customer experiences across the customer journey.

In this session you will discover:

•    What capabilities pack a punch and move the needle in creating memorable customer experiences
•    Best practices at every step of the customer journey
•    Vanity metrics vs. ones that matter

 Jill Steinhour
Jill Steinhour
Director High-Tech and B2B Strategy
Jill joined Adobe Systems in June 2011 as Director of High-Tech and B2B Strategy. In this capacity, she defines the marketing and go-to-market strategy and delivers sales enablement, demand generation and content/social marketing for the High-Tech industry and B2B. Jill leads strategic engagements with Adobe’s top tier clients in support of their e ...[Read More]

12:20 PM Panel: Strong from Within: Ready Yourself for True Digital Transformation

Marta Dalton, Director, B2B eCommerce, Coca Cola

Sophia Drivalas, VP, eCommerce, Interline Brands

Alan Gaffney, Director, Marketing, Parker Hannifin

Tom Williams, VP eBusiness, C2-Competitive.com

Unlike many other functions, digital and eCommerce can influence every aspect of a company’s business.  Making decisions around where you place your internal digital team, how big it is and how much influence it has is the backbone to the entire omnichannel experience.

•    Building your internal team to support your digital initiatives
•    Understanding where to situate digital teams within your larger organization
•    Evolving and sustaining digital competencies
 Marta Dalton
Marta Dalton
Director, B2B eCommerce
Coca Cola
Marta Dalton got her start in eCommerce back in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan and has been in love with the eclectic mix of technology, marketing, and operations that make up the world of eCommerce ever since.  She’s led development & database teams to build new platforms, created new pricing strategies, and launched global digital marketing plans to drive ...[Read More]

 Sophia Drivalas
Sophia Drivalas
VP, eCommerce
Interline Brands
Sophia has 20 years of digital experience leading digital transformations in both B2C and B2B organizations.  She currently is responsible for growing and improving the eCommerce experience at Interline Brands via several vertical web sites, mobile apps, and eProcurement integrations.

Prior to her role at Interline, Sophia led multip
...[Read More]

 Alan Gaffney
Alan Gaffney
Director, Marketing
Parker Hannifin

 Tom Williams
Tom Williams
VP eBusiness

As VP of the eBusiness Practice at C2, Tom leverages 20+ years of business experience across Tech Product & Services Companies, Digital Marketing and Technology Consulting to drive successful outcomes for customers. Tom’s responsibilities include business development & delivery and practice management with P&L responsibility. Tom brings a unique ...[Read More]

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