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May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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 Johan Bostrom
Johan Bostrom Co-Founder & Evangelist inRiver
Boström has worked in the information technology business for roughly two decades and is one of the founders of inRiver. Prior to inRiver, he held leading positions at DDMM, Sema Group and UDK. Boström has worked with e-commerce and content management for web and portals since the mid-1990s in Sweden, the United States and other countries. He studied data communication, system development and philosophy at the University of Umeå.

Day Three: Retention & The Customer Journey

10:50 AM Panel: Don’t Be a Commodity, It’s Not Worth the Price

For many B2B companies, they sit in a saturated market, made even more saturated by the introduction of marketplaces.  So how does everyone compete?  When you are losing market share, many resort to cutting prices.  But this is only a temporary solution.  In order to really compete in today’s digital world, you must deliver a differentiated experience.

Competing in a saturated market without resorting to price hacking
Building a relationship through your marketplaces so you are not reliant on your pricing
Creating an experience that goes beyond the shopping cart