B2B Online

May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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Maureen Thormann Digital Customer Experiene Manager National Instruments

Day Two: Engagement & Customer Experience Optimization

11:50 AM Panel: The Nuts and Bolts Of Customer Segmentation to Engage Your Audience

The first question all B2B companies need to ask is “do you know your customer needs”?  Understanding who your customers are, what segments they fall into, what the mechanics of those segments and how they behave is the key to engaging them.

•    Understanding your customer segments
•    Creating segments based on customer data
•    Best strategy for every segment
•    Keeping your customers coming back and better serving new customers

3:10 PM Panel Revolution: Building Your Product Content and Organizing Your SKUs to Increase Sales

With so many products to get online, it can be an overwhelming task. This panel talks about how to get organized and prioritize getting your products online.

•    Tips and tricks for aggregating millions of SKUs
•    Investing your resources to most effectively organize your product content
•    Keeping effective merchandising strategies top of mind
•    Identifying your customer’s most pertinent information needs to give them the fastest results