B2B Online

May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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 Steve Grzymkowski
Steve Grzymkowski Director Global e-Business BDI
Direct all research, planning, strategy and development of e-commerce systems, programs and services.  Responsible for growing business’s e-Commerce profile and increasing e-Business market share.

Day One: Customer Acquisition and Omnichannel

2:50 PM Panel Revolution: Staying Focused On Omnichannel As You Grow Your Global Brand

As your brand begins to shift to a global scale, how do you ensure that your brand doesn’t fracture across channels? This panel will address:

•    Navigating the complexities of scaling your business and tools
•    Creating an omnichannel strategy for a regional, national and global enterprise
•    Ensuring all data and content converts successfully across channels as you grow