B2B Online

May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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 Tim Resch
Tim Resch Director RSM
Tim Resch is the practice leader of Application Development and Integration for RSM in the Great Lakes region, and has spent over twenty years in the IT industry providing application architecture, design and development services in the financial, manufacturing and warehousing/distribution sectors. His experience includes supporting B2B ecommerce needs from both purchaser and supplier viewpoints, and encompasses development of custom solutions as well as the implementation of both SaaS and PaaS ecommerce platforms.

Day One: Customer Acquisition and Omnichannel

2:50 PM Panel Revolution: Creating an App Experience That Will Support Your eCommerce Business

The B2B customer is varied, therefore it’s necessary to understand how to tailor your app to those customer’s needs, turning your app into a tool for your eCommerce business.

•    Figuring out the best use of your app as a support mechanism
•    Deploying your app efficiently to tailor to geography and job function
•    Maintaining and upgrading your app as needed