B2B Online 2018

May 07 - 09, 2018

Chicago Marriott Downtown


Day One – Monday, May 7, 2018: Continuing The Transformation For B2B Digital Success

7:00 am - 8:00 am Continental Breakfast & Registration

7:55 am - 8:00 am Welcome Remarks, Quick Poll, And Icebreaker

Megan Kessler, Program Director,B2B Online

Megan Kessler

Program Director
B2B Online

With Accenture Interactive

Brian Walker

Global Strategy Lead for Commerce and NA Commerce
Accenture Interactive

8:15 am - 8:35 am KEYNOTE! Challenges And Opportunities Managing A Global B2B Commerce Platform

Ajit Sivadasan, VP/GM, Global eCommerce/Digital Marketing,Lenovo
Ajit is a data driven, results oriented Global Executive with a track record of driving significant and successful digital and business transformation using technology in multiple industries. Presently, he is responsible for driving lenovo's global online strategy (eCommerce Sales P/L, Marketing, Infrastructure, UX/UI, Product Management and Social Commerce strategy for B2B and B2C customers). Ajit discusses his journey, lessons learned from:

  • The last 12 years leading a team of 300+ people—where to find the best talent and skill sets he stresses
  • Organizing teams that that craft and drive lenovo's Global online sales from 5 countries to 28 countries and lenovo.com's footprint into 80+ countries. 
  • Boosting B2B revenues through custom portals for Global  customers

Ajit Sivadasan

VP/GM, Global eCommerce/Digital Marketing

8:35 am - 8:55 am KEYNOTE! Next Gen B2B: Going Beyond Omni-Channel By Transforming The Entire Business

Darren Taylor, CMO,MORSCO - an Advent International Investment
Like a digital hamster, most companies are compelled to keep doing something online.  Get behind the hype and trends and make a real difference.  Orchestrate digital transformation focusing on the value chain, customers, salesforce, operations, and data… not just the ever-changing ecosystem of technology. Join Darren to discover how you can truly change the game and your career: think big, start small and start now.

  • Share a Vision: Collaborate, iterate, make it real, and relate it to key stakeholders
  • Explore real life case studies: influencing organizations to make decisions 
  • Lead Outside in CX: proven methods to ensure relevancy through the customer’s entire process and explore the impacts of who owns it, relevant content, and how to maintain organizational support 
  • Reach customers and sales reps are on the go.  The convergence of CRM, mobile and commerce enable sales reps to drive the brand daily.  Eliminate channel conflict and focus on driving market share.

Darren Taylor

MORSCO - an Advent International Investment

8:55 am - 9:15 am Obsessing Over The Business Customer: How Amazon Business Has Applied Their Leadership Principles To B2B

Rob Green, Director & GM,Amazon Business Martin Rohde, Director & GM,Amazon Business
Amazon Business starts with the B2B customer and works backwards to innovate on behalf of business buyers and suppliers.  How does this work, especially with professional buyers who are increasingly looking to shift procurement online?  Hear from two Directors at Amazon Business, who will unpack these issues by providing insight into how Amazon is working to bring value to B2B procurement. 
• Starting with the customer and working backwards
• Significant innovations for the business buyer’s experience
• Amazon Business’s vertical approach to B2B and how that adds value

Rob Green

Director & GM
Amazon Business


Martin Rohde

Director & GM
Amazon Business

According to The Forrester Wave: B2B eCommerce Suites for Midsize Organizations, Q3 2017, B2B eCommerce is now "critical to growing existing customers, acquiring new customers and protecting market share from Amazon." Manufacturers and Distributors are upgrading and replatforming their current commerce infrastructure for highly customized seamless purchase journeys. Join this panel as they discuss these new demands that are:

  • The latest B2B eCommerce platform strategies, moving from basic support capabilities to capture and retain channel-agnostic customers:
  • PIM systems
  • Innovative fulfillment options
  • Assisted sales alternatives 
  • Unique corporate account ordering experiences and microservices
  • Driving enterprises to move towards fast, cost-effective, custom eCommerce applications that go beyond the shopping cart
  • Deciding as an organization what is needed for seamless purchasing
  • Capturing information from research to checkout to further market to customers

Michael Bailey

Diversified Foodservice Supply


Nicole Westenberger

VP, eCommerce and Marketing
Brady Corporation


Darryl Shaper

VP, Digital Marketing
Arrow Electronics


Richard Landa

Chief Product Officer


Eric Dean

CEO and Founder


Kevin Doohan

B2B Commerce Lead
Accenture Interactive

9:45 am - 10:30 am Bee To Bee Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone Hosted By Limonetik

Homemade honey treats to get you buzzing! Join us to kickoff your experience and make new connections.

10:30 am - 10:50 am KEYNOTE! Bosch & The Brand Manufacturer In The Age of Digital Transformation

Sonesh Shah, VP, Digital and Brand Marketing, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation North America
It’s no secret that the digital world has infiltrated and changed the way we think, act, and conduct business. In order to survive, brand manufacturers must answer the demands of this digitally-transformed marketing age. Listen in as Sonesh shares how Bosch Power Tools manages and responds to Digital Transformation as a brand manufacture:

  • Highlights the pervasive changes made to distribution strategy, communication and business model development
  • Notes the process for how these changes are implemented
  • Delves into what Bosch thinks about the future of B2B for brands

Sonesh Shah

VP, Digital and Brand Marketing
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation North America

10:50 am - 11:10 am KEYNOTE! Redefining The B2B Omni-Channel

Brian Strojny, Co-Founder,Insite Software Josh Schoonmaker, eCommerce Manager,Consolidated Supply
According to Forrester, One million U.S. Salespeople could lose their jobs to self-service eCommerce by 2020. The reality is that companies who have transformed their commerce experiences into a completely self-serve model are not delivering the results that they expected. While the full-service model is no longer the way of the future, the value of salespeople and assisted selling are not going away, instead the roles are transforming.

In this presentation, Brian Strojny, Co-Founder of Insite Software, discusses:

  • Why self-serve only models don’t work
  • The complexities of B2B commerce and the importance of creating the omni-channel perspective
  • Establishing a successful omni-channel model to drive organizational efficiencies, and drive the interpersonal relationships between your organization and your customers.

Brian Strojny

Insite Software


Josh Schoonmaker

eCommerce Manager
Consolidated Supply

11:10 am - 11:40 am KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: Becoming The One-Stop Shop As The Next Phase In B2B Online

Adrien Nussenbaum, CEO & Co-Founder,Mirakl Brian Fricano, CEO,Sustainable Supply Siamak Baharloo, CEO,LabViva Marta Dalton, Head of B2B eCommerce,Coca-Cola
B2B buying is being transformed to be simpler, without channel conflict. One forward thinking idea that these executive panelists are experimenting with is for businesses to become a one-stop shop as a “Marketplace;” this further jumpstarts digital business transformation. By building out a site that has incredible SKUs, exceed customer experience expectations and win big by:

  • Working with senior management: being a champion of digital business transformation to become the go-to marketplace
  • Looking at how to structure your organization to incorporate direct-business capabilities 
  • Thinking like a start-up: becoming nimble, agile to scale and learn
  • Building customer-driven design solutions, mirroring B2C-like shopping behavior
  • Getting digital, product, and eComm teams to listen and leverage one another for a streamlined catalog
  • Capturing an overall picture of your customer as the foundation for your strategy to give the user more control from research to purchase

Brian Fricano

Sustainable Supply


Siamak Baharloo



Marta Dalton

Head of B2B eCommerce


Adrien Nussenbaum

CEO & Co-Founder

11:40 am - 12:00 pm KEYNOTE! Scalable Commerce Strategy For Today’s Needs And Tomorrow’s Growth

Andrej Maihorn, VP Customer Innovation Americas,Intershop
Personalization is key for your business’ growth. With cutting edge, tech, you can  improve and intensify customer interaction in B2B through digital client portals, such as mobile apps for employees and customers. Learn how you can boost commerce through interaction by creating the perfect platform for your products and services with comprehensive information on all your offerings:
• Access for your customers at any time to view account details, order history, and current order status
• How budgets, payment deadlines, and even installed systems are all stored in the system to find effective pricing models
• Using editorial content to engage with your customers and let them contact you immediately via feedback forms, chat, and click-to-call

Andrej Maihorn

VP Customer Innovation Americas

12:00 pm - 12:20 pm Guest Speaker Keynote! Using The Brain In Business: How Businesses Can Improve Access To The Customer Mindset

Dr. Moran Cerf, Professor, Neuroscience & Business, Kellogg School of Management,Northwestern University
The customer journey is at the top of everyone’s minds. Curious as to how these decisions are being made? Dr. Moran Cerf has the answers. Discover through his cutting-edge research how businesses can replace existing traditional marketing and research tools (i.e. focus groups, or big data analytics) with new more precise and predictive tools from neuroscience.

Dr. Moran Cerf

Professor, Neuroscience & Business, Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University

12:20 pm - 1:35 pm Lunch For All Attendees

12:20 pm - 1:35 pm Private Lunch With RichRelevance: Assessing AI-Powered Personalization

Josh Olayos, Personalization Architect,RichRelevance
To win and remain competitive, leading B2B companies need to transform their traditional business models to support self-service options and create relevant ecommerce experiences.  RichRelevance has B2B solutions that leverage digital activity and purchases to provide real-time personalized experiences using our AI-powered Personalization Platform.  This luncheon will provide best practices and use cases on how to hone your B2B ecommerce strategy.  

Josh Olayos

Personalization Architect

12:20 pm - 1:35 pm Private Lunch With Broadleaf Commerce: Lessons Learned Bringing B2B Commerce Online

Brad Buhl, COO,Broadleaf Commerce Elbert Bautista, B2B Technology Lead,Broadleaf Commerce
- Are you considering an eCommerce implementation or migration?
- Do you want to hear how to avoid challenges related to online technology and business changes?
- Would you like to discuss creative solutions to online problems with other industry peers?

Join solution leads at Broadleaf Commerce to talk through case studies from industrial manufacturing, distribution, and retail B2B eCommerce implementations and lessons learned.

Brad Buhl

Broadleaf Commerce


Elbert Bautista

B2B Technology Lead
Broadleaf Commerce

1:35 pm - 1:45 pm Chairperson’s Opening Address

Joe Fuster, Global Head Customer Experience (CX) Cloud,Oracle

Joe Fuster

Global Head Customer Experience (CX) Cloud

1:45 pm - 2:05 pm Industry 4.0: If You’re Not Aware Of It, Then You’re Already Behind.

Bill Mitchell, CEO,Aquila (Foxconn)
Understand the future relationship of eCommerce and Industry 4.0; combining digital and physical technologies. Now, eCommerce and Industry 4.0 will bring the relationship closer to the customer, energize your reseller channel, and introduce new real-time decision-making capabilities as never before. Drive higher margins to your bottom line with C2C, Component to Customer. 

• Win new customers with eCommerce and Industry 4.0; AI, IoT, Big Data, & Robotics to minimize human touch.
• C2C, Component to Customer, is a streamlined process to increase margins.
• Allow your enterprise the capability to analyze and use data to drive intelligent, informed, real-time decisions.
• Provide in almost real time, build-to-order custom products and shipped direct from the factory.

Bill Mitchell

Aquila (Foxconn)

1:35 pm - 1:45 pm Chairperson’s Opening Address

John Hessinger, VP, Demand Generation & Growth,WP Engine

John Hessinger

VP, Demand Generation & Growth
WP Engine

1:45 pm - 2:05 pm B2B 1.0 Topic! The Secret To Content Calendar Success For B2B Marketing

Joe' Lloyd, Vice President, Global Marketing,NanoLumens
So much of today’s B2B marketing strategies rely on a fully humming content engine, from blogs to whitepapers and the many other pieces of content in-between; there is no shortage of space to fill. But the question remains: who puts this content together and gets it over the finish line?

With expertise from the agency world as well as client side management, Joe’ Lloyd, VP of Global Marketing shares her secrets to valuable content, streamlined by fluid content calendars, company SMEs and a fool proof method for never missing go live date. Join this presentation to learn about:

  • The secret to creating a flexible, easy to use content calendar
  • How to engage sales as the perfect SME (subject matter expert)
  • And the key to success – publish first and ask for forgiveness later!

Joe' Lloyd

Vice President, Global Marketing

1:35 pm - 1:45 pm Chairperson’s Opening Address

Brandon Spear, President,MSTS


Brandon Spear


1:45 pm - 2:05 pm B2B 2.0 Topic! How We Beat Amazon: A B2B eCommerce Success Story

Rich Cohen, President and Founder,Elevate Packaging, Inc
One thing many companies have in common is navigating Amazon B2B—how does Amazon B2B impact an online B2B distribution strategy?  Elevate Packaging's President Rich Cohen has some answers  and shares company’s Amazon B2B experience and results.  Learn from real-world lessons from this highly-focused sustainable packaging supply company, and how they created a more successful omni-channel B2B solution which leapfrogged the Amazon B2B experience in every category. Rich shares how to:

  • Create value and stick to brand core promises
  • Become your own marketplace, and achieve higher sales and better margins
  • Getting over the fear of missing out on a marketplace strategy—ensuring your company remains top of mind

Rich Cohen

President and Founder
Elevate Packaging, Inc

Track D: B2B Genius Bar

1:15 pm - 1:45 pm C-Level Open Forum
For C-Level  Manufacturers and Distributors, this is an open forum to talk Open Innovation 

Exercise your minds and leverage those who are exploring today’s top tech. Together, discuss B2B’s current environment, and where you think areas of growth (or decline!) may be. Validate your ideas. Inspire others. Discover partnering opportunities.  Get an “outside-in” unique point of view to discover diverse thinking that can transform your mindset—for both you and your business.

Limited to 20 C-Level M&D executives, first come, first-serve.

2:05 pm - 2:25 pm Living In An Experience World

Jill Steinhour, Director High-Tech and B2B Strategy,Adobe
A body of quantifiable evidence is forming that substantiates the revenue contribution stemming from customer experience.  Yet the focus on creating powerful consumer experiences have left many B2B enterprises contemplating how to deliver meaningful experiences in a B2B context.  The good news is that enterprises are successfully pushing the envelope and are creating memorable and meaningful experiences for their ecosystems.  In this session you will: 
• See experiences from leading-edge B2B enterprises 
• Discover the what it means to live and thrive in an Experience World
• Understand how CX contributes to the bottom line

Jill Steinhour

Director High-Tech and B2B Strategy

2:05 pm - 2:25 pm B2B Personalization: Leveraging Content And Commerce Together To Deepen Customer Relationships

Dave Grimm, Digital Experience Director,Illumina Inc. Brian Beck, SVP, eCommerce & Omnichannel Strategy,Guidance
illumina, a global leader in medical equipment and biotechnology, is exceeding customer expectations by providing online the right product and content at the right time.  Throughout this Fireside Chat session, attendees learn the benefits and ROI models for deepening customer connections from Digital and eCommerce approaches, and investments and resources required to bring concepts to reality.  Discover how illumina is deepening customer connections through its Myillumina online portal as well as its Ecommerce web site, by:

  • Delivering relevant, helpful and timely features to customers by unlocking the company's data-rich internal environment
  • Providing a one-stop location for all illumina products, tools, and services
  • Creating new user behavior analytics and insights to identify and act on marketing and sales opportunities
  • Driving ROI and differentiation in the marketplace by better serving customers’ needs

Dave Grimm

Digital Experience Director
Illumina Inc.


Brian Beck

SVP, eCommerce & Omnichannel Strategy

2:05 pm - 2:25 pm Delivering A Customer-First eCommerce Experience To Business Buyers: Lessons From MyCoke.com and Coca-Cola’s B2B eCommerce Evolution

Marta Dalton, Head of B2B eCommerce,Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola recognizes that more businesses are ordering products online. That's why Coca-Cola transformed digitally and launched a global B2B commerce experience, MyCoke.com. MyCoke.com lets Coca-Cola business customers to order online whenever and wherever it's convenient for them. 

Join Marta Dalton, Director of eCommerce at Coca-Cola, to learn how the largest global beverage brand sells to its business buyers and implemented a global commerce platform that drives measurable results in gross profit, order size and volume, and reducing costs. By leveraging a seamless commerce solution built around its customers and CRM system, Coca-Cola connects with its customers in a whole new way, gaining a 360-degree view of customer data that informs marketing, sales, customer support and field service activities.

Marta Dalton

Head of B2B eCommerce

2:05 pm - 2:25 pm C-Level Open Forum

For C-Level  Manufacturers and Distributors, this is an open forum to talk Open Innovation 

Exercise your minds and leverage those who are exploring today’s top tech. Together, discuss B2B’s current environment, and where you think areas of growth (or decline!) may be. Validate your ideas. Inspire others. Discover partnering opportunities.  Get an “outside-in” unique point of view to discover diverse thinking that can transform your mindset—for both you and your business.

Limited to 20 C-Level M&D executives, first come, first-serve.
Your role as a marketer has changed: you need to use your left and right brain, balance art and science, and be a creative while also being a scientist. And let’s not forget, you need to sell your product, with top customer service. The executives on this panel explore how they have adjusted their mindsets internally to enable the marketer to be a data scientist.

  • Function over design: conducting testing to understand how to personalize
  • How personal is too personal? Straddling the “creepy yet accurate” line of curated selling based on CRM 
  • Attribution marketing models: planning your best plan of attack and breaking down information to relay to teams
  • Measuring multiple touchpoints to ensure CRM is collated accurately across the organization 
  • Experimenting with the blending of content and commerce—your content moving customers around the site to discover more product 

Michael Hauck

VP, Marketing And Digital Services
Essendant, Inc.


Jennifer Alexander

Director of eChannel Management
Johnson & Johnson Vision


Lisa Neckameyer

Senior Manager, eCommerce Business
MSC Industrial Supply Co.

Content today needs to be informative, creative and entertaining. But how it’s best showcased to quickly be digested can be a quandary. Learn from the panelists as they inspire you to promoted content to market across various channels and partner outlets:

  • Deciding which channel is best to begin marketing content: start with one channel and filter through or release content all at once? 
  • Assessing which channels are attracting targeted business segments 
  • Adjusting content channels per segment of targeted business (ie, small business versus a large enterprise)
  • Organizing the bandwidth to quickly create valuable content and spread to digital channels 
  • Measuring conversion in stages from research to a sales manager’s contact

Jeff Bazal

Sr. Director, National Accounts & Business Development


Tony Beuche

Digital Marketing Specialist
Bradley Corporation


Molly Pajauskas

Director, Marketing – Plumbing Products


Carman Pirie

Kula Partners

Customers today like to be self-serving, from discovery to purchase. Having great product information for navigation is key, but ensuring it is personalized is a top priority. Executives on this panel explore product information management to ensure you are:

  • Moving customers through the funnel and into the flow of site easily to engage and convert them
  • Targeting customers differently and providing different products depending on their preferences
  • Examining your success metrics (conversion rates, revenue per visitor, engagement levels)
  • Optimizing your configurator experience to identify the optimal number of products to show customers
  • Testing and reiterating constantly to avoid missing any opportunities

Kyle Hilbrenner

VP of Digital Marketing
Repair Clinic


Meyar Sheik

CEO & Co-Founder


Sophia Drivalas

VP, eCommerce
Interline Brands


William Uppington

Chief Product & Strategy Officer

2:25 pm - 2:55 pm C-Level Open Forum

For C-Level  Manufacturers and Distributors, this is an open forum to talk Open Innovation 

Exercise your minds and leverage those who are exploring today’s top tech. Together, discuss B2B’s current environment, and where you think areas of growth (or decline!) may be. Validate your ideas. Inspire others. Discover partnering opportunities.  Get an “outside-in” unique point of view to discover diverse thinking that can transform your mindset—for both you and your business.

Limited to 20 C-Level M&D executives, first come, first-serve.

2:55 pm - 3:40 pm Afternoon Refuel & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone Hosted By IEEE GlobalSpec

Grab some bites to refuel for the last half of Day 1 to keep your note-taking going!

Track A: Omni And Operational Excellence

Once your omni-channel roadmap is in place, you need to know how which is the best way to measure your success. Forget just click rates and web visits—you need to think about hard measurements and customer engagement together. The executives on this panel share what KPIs they are implementing to scale for success at their businesses: 

  • Re-mapping your organization: de-siloing and re-assessing who is in charge of what 
  • Looking at your infrastructure to connect the channels—what you absolutely need for personalization to come together 
  • Budget buckets: what technology is less important than others (or outdated)
  • Checks and balances: testing to ensure efficiency and accuracy of your approach
  • Awareness: web traffic generation and visit rate
  • Engagement: length of visit and conversion rate from product exploration  to order
  • Conversion: cross-channel conversion rate and basket size AOV
  • Loyalty and Customer Retention: advocacy, revisit frequency, and lifetime value calculation 

Michelle Fields

Burwell Enterprises


Andrew Carlson

Director, Digital Business


Sarah Bryowsky

Director Digital Marketing, Global Demand Center
Zebra Technologies


Jeff Pratt

Commerce Practice Director

4:00 pm - 4:20 pm Build Vs. Buy: Navigating Your Digital Transformation

Tom Williams, VP eBusiness,C2-Competitive.com
As platforms have matured in the areas of CMS, eCommerce, PIM and CPQ, how do you know when you should build custom vs. buying off the shelf?  Do all platforms need to be customized? How do you do this and stay on the upgrade path? How do you customize in the world of Cloud SaaS and PaaS? Tom Williams has the answers to the se questions. Learn from him as he reviews:

  • The dangers of buying off the shelf only to find out that “out of the box” (OOTB) is a myth and you have to customize the solution anyway
  • Buying a platform: are you giving up your unique competitive edge or gaining efficiencies… or a bit of both?
  • Working in a hybrid model: how you can buy a few key platforms and then customizing and integrating the rest

Tom Williams

VP eBusiness

4:20 pm - 4:40 pm Case Study Remix: B2B Functionality With A B2C Omni Experience

James Bonomo, COO,Regina Andrew Design
Passion for their customer has led Regina Andrew Design to invest in “state of the art” technologies designed provide a best of class customer experience. The company recently launched a comprehensive B2B website, offering complete customer immersion and optimization. Join James as he shares the aspects of B2C he brought to a B2B re-launch:
• How the design of a new website came to be—tracking interactions to lead to transactions
• Customer Service at the heart of everything—how conversations are leading to conversions
• Continuous optimization—how to update on the fly and keep a website streamlined

James Bonomo

Regina Andrew Design

Track B: Content And Commerce Strategies

3:40 pm - 4:10 pm LIGHTNING ROUND PANEL DISCUSSION: Curating Content To Differentiate Your Products And Engage Customers

Joe Incontri, Director of Marketing, Americas,KROHNE, Inc. Holly Paeper, VP Marketing,Ingersoll Rand Jeff McRitchie, VP, Marketing,MyBinding.com Patrick Mahoney, CEO,IEEE GlobalSpec
A point of differentiation for your business is the story you tell about your products. By curating content and best uses of products, inform the customers from engagement to purchase. The experts on this panel share their best use cases to for content that leads to a great customer experience: 

  • Providing captivating highly informative for your products
  • Telling a story with technical expertise and how to integrate product into customers’ work flow
  • Giving your customer access and insight to exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else
  • Differentiating your brand from another by selling with the editorialized pitch

Joe Incontri

Director of Marketing, Americas


Holly Paeper

VP Marketing
Ingersoll Rand


Jeff McRitchie

VP, Marketing


Patrick Mahoney

IEEE GlobalSpec

4:00 pm - 4:20 pm Nobody Cares How It Works, They Expect It Just Does: Connecting Content And Commerce With A Holistic Back-Office Integration

Chip Knicker, SVP Digital,ICF Olson
The decision to implement a commerce solution is easy, but for many organizations, there is an internal struggle between content and commerce; do they exist separately, together, and how does one affects the other?  In reality, content and commerce are partners, pairing to deliver exceptional customer experiences -- but only when there is a solid integration strategy that enables the core strengths of both:

  • Where the intersection between content and commerce lie and why it matters
  • Developing a comprehensive backend integration approach
  • How to integrate discrete data sources

Chip Knicker

SVP Digital
ICF Olson

Are you a smaller Manufacturer or Distributor and want the advice of an enterprise counterpart? Or do you want to meet with someone who is in your same spend category  and want to chat about where the next investment opportunity is? Use this time connect with someone you may have met and chat in this laid-back setting!

Paul Schorr

Performance Health


Marta Dalton

Head of B2B eCommerce


Sophia Drivalas

VP, eCommerce
Interline Brands

Track C: Pricing, Marketplaces And Merchandising

3:40 pm - 4:10 pm LIGHTNING ROUND PANEL DISCUSSION: Marketplaces: What You Need To Know About Your Friend (Or Foe)

Paul Lin, CEO,Drillspot.com Ricky Hernandez, Director, Sales—eCommerce Channel,Avery Products Corporation Brad Buhl, COO,Broadleaf Commerce
Specialized, faster, and more personalized. These are the 3 words that are the keys to success for B2B businesses competing against Marketplaces. How can Manufacturers and Distributors compete? Or how can they partner? Businesses need to position themselves as experts with the products they offer, have competitive shipping plans, and showcase products that align with their customers. The executives on this panel share their strategies by:

  • Integrating ERP systems into marketplaces—how to examine a phased approach for each marketplace your business engaged with
  • Competing within marketplaces: enhancing your product rank through advertising
  • How to “sell off” excess inventory without ruining brand image
  • Driving traffic to your brand site without any friction
  • Figuring out what effects marketplaces are having on eCommerce, positively and negatively 

Paul Lin



Ricky Hernandez

Director, Sales—eCommerce Channel
Avery Products Corporation


Brad Buhl

Broadleaf Commerce

4:00 pm - 4:20 pm Best Practices For B2B Merchandising

Peter Sheldon, VP, Strategy,Magento Commerce
Faced with the challenge of serving multiple customer segments and types of buyers through a single site, it is critical for B2B companies to tailor their merchandising strategies to connect with each audience. Peter Sheldon will share best practices and customer examples of how to effectively merchandise in a multi-stakeholder environment, including: 

  • Enabling easier product discovery
  • Personalizing content and promotions 
  • Optimizing page designs to increase conversion 
  • Using analytics to hone merchandising tactics

Peter Sheldon

VP, Strategy
Magento Commerce

4:20 pm - 4:40 pm Case Study Remix: Transforming And Streamlining The Business With PIM And Portals

Brian Thomas, Director of Application Development,PartsSource
Personalized customer portals puts your business in the hands of your customers; your internal teams need to be completely aligned for it with making as much PIM available as possible. Brian showcases PartsSource’s new website that brings B2C like experiences to the B2B business:

  • Creating communication lines with merchandising, salesforce experts, and marketing to know how, when, and what products are going to be featured online
  • Building training for merchandisers to act like marketers to easily deploy product information across digital channels
  • Increasing AOV with customized portals by having proper bundling, up-selling, and cross-selling in the customer journey

Brian Thomas

Director of Application Development

Cocktails And Conversations For B2B Best Practices Roundtables
 (20 Roundtable Discussions Available Only For Manufacturers And Distributors)

These interactive sessions are your opportunity to learn about the most innovative digital and omni-channel solutions on the market in a relaxed setting. Each roundtable will have a specific theme for you to learn from. A highlight of B2B Online, roundtable discussions are your best opportunity to deep-dive into discussions and idea-share with your peers. You pick 2 themes during this session. Priority seating for Manufacturers And Distributors. 

1. Build Vs. Buy: Navigating Your Digital Transformation
Tom Williams, VP eBusiness, C2 Competitive

You are on your digital transformation, faced with the constant question “Should we build this technology or buy off the shelf?”. This roundtable will explore if and when you should consider building or buying, the costs and benefits of both and long term strategy and value.

2. Picking Your Path In The Manufacturer And Distributor Crossroads
Ray Grady, President and CCO, Cloud Craze

3. B2B Personalization: Leveraging Content And Commerce Together To Deepen Customer Relationships 
Dave Grimm, Sr. Director of Digital Experience, illumina, inc
Brian Beck, SVP, eCommerce & Omni-Channel Strategy, Guidance Solutions

4. Redefining The B2B Omni-Channel
Brian Strojny, Co-Founder, Insite Software

5. Scalable Commerce Strategy For Today’s Needs And Tomorrow’s Growth
Andrej Maihorn, VP Customer Innovation Americas, Intershop

6. Governing Product Information Architecture And Data Quality
Paul Wlodarczyk, Product Information Practice Lead, Dakota Systems
Nicole Goodman, Manager, PIM Center of Excellence, Agilent

Data-driven customer experiences don’t work without investments in product data, content, and information architecture, and Digital must partner with product lines to democratize the work but still maintain content quality. This roundtable explores how to lead change so that product teams “own” their digital content, and how to engage customers as One Company while providing business units with a degree of autonomy.  

7. Enhancing Customer Experience with Data and Analytics – Lessons from Essendant
Mihir Kittur, Chief Commercial Officer, Ugam

8. Comfortable Commerce: How To Design Experiences On Your Customer's Terms
Randy Higgins, VP, Digital Marketing, Strategy,  Shift7 Digital

9. Give Them What They Want. Best Practices For eCommerce Product Customization. 
Rupesh Agrawal, CEO, Artifi Labs and Znode
Tom Flierl, VP, Marketing & Business Development., Artifi Labs and Znode
A deep dive into current market trends that are driving the growing demand for product customization, keeping up with the changes, and considerations in preparing for product customization. 

10. Maximizing Profitability In International Markets
Laura Cochran, VP, Transperfect (Translations.com)

11. Disrupting B2B eCommerce: The Evolution Of Buyer Expectations In A Digital World
Jimmy Duvall, Chief Product Officer, BigCommerce 
Rebecca Gummerson, Director of eCommerce, Freund

In this session, you will discuss and learn how to successfully build B2B websites that deliver exceptional customer experiences while reducing technical complexity and costs.

12. Cutting Edge Alternatives In Customer Engagement
Jeannine Bartlett, SVP and Chief Digital Strategist, Earley Information Science

13. Using Machine Learning To Create 1:1 Relationships With Customers
William Dunn, President, Dunn Solutions

Learn how machine learning can use the data you are already collecting to create personalized one-to-one offers and value propositions for your customers and increase market basket size.

14. The “New Economy”: How Emerging Tech And Digital Innovation Create New Opportunities and Business Models
Philene Molz, Strategist Principal, Solstice 
Dilip Balachandran, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Data Analytics, USG

15. Respond To Amazon & Leapfrog The Competition: Build Your Site Experience Right The First Time
William Uppington, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, BloomReach

Amazon Business is bringing its B2C A game capabilities to B2B.  What opportunities and threats does this create for manufacturers and distributors?  How can you respond from a defensive and offensive perspective?  What can we learn from Amazon and trends in B2C and B2B site experience that can be applied to leapfrog your competition and build your site experience right the first time?

16. How To Go Beyond Direct Sales To Address The Complexities Of Today’s B2B Customer Journey
Mark Bartlett, Chief Experience Officer, FPX

In this roundtable, Mark Bartlett—an expert practitioner of ecommerce and digital transformation—offers a proven strategy to help Manufacturers close the “Complexity Gap” and capitalize on a multi-trillion dollar ecommerce opportunity.

17. Mining Search Data For Merchandising Gold: Inside A $100M Global SEO Strategy
Steven Engelbrecht, President, Sitation
Matthew Clark, VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Premier Farnell 

Your customers are telling you what they want – are you listening? Join us as we discuss a data-driven approach to identifying and merchandising long-tail keywords to deliver massive improvements in customer experience and SEO. 

18. Navigating Channel Conflict: Building A Win-Win Digital Strategy
Dr. Douglas Hollinger, SVP of  Strategic Commerce Consulting, LiveArea
Kevin Carroll, Head of Application Solution Architecture, Rackspace

You’ve been tasked with building out a robust digital sales strategy, which inevitably means upsetting your traditional sales partners and channels. As a group, we’ll discuss ways to navigate inevitable channel conflicts by focusing on shared goals and positive outcomes.

19. Your Voice Is An Interface: Powering B2B Commerce With Voice Innovations
Philip Jackson, eCommerce Evangelist, Something Digital

20. Selecting The Best B2B eCommerce Solution For Your Business 
Neal Davis, Managing Director, Dais X 
James Cass, Director of Information Technology, Morrisette 

Application leaders responsible for B2B eCommerce must choose a digital commerce architecture that provides optimal customer experience. This roundtable will outline three main approaches to B2B eCommerce platform architecture, and guide application leaders in selecting the most appropriate B2B eCommerce solution for their business.

Tom Williams

VP eBusiness


Dave Grimm

Digital Experience Director
Illumina Inc.


Brian Beck

SVP, eCommerce & Omnichannel Strategy


Brian Strojny

Insite Software


Mihir Kittur

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer


Randy Higgins

VP, Digital Marketing
Shift7 Digital


Jeannine Bartlett

SVP & Chief Digital Strategist
Earley Information Science


Mark Bartlett

Chief Experience Officer


Andrej Maihorn

VP Customer Innovation Americas


Paul Wlodarczyk

Digital Practice Lead
Dakota Systems


Rupesh Agrawal

Artifi Labs + Znode


Tom Flierl

VP, Marketing & Business Development
Artifi Labs + Znode


Laura Cochran

Transperfect (Translations.com)


Jimmy Duvall

Chief Product Officer


William Uppington

Chief Product & Strategy Officer


Steven Engelbrecht



Matthew Clark

VP, eCommerce & Digital Marketing
Premier Farnell


William Dunn

Dunn Solutions


Phillip Jackson

eCommerce Evangelist


Dr. Douglas Hollinger

SVP of Strategic Commerce Consulting


Kevin Carroll

Head of Application Solution Architecture


Philene Molz

Strategist Principal


Dilip Balachandran

Director of Enterprise Architecture and Data Analytics


Neal Davis

Managing Director
Dais X


James Cass

Director of Information Technology

VIP Think Tank With Accenture

4:55 pm - 5:45 pm VIP Think Tank With Accenture
Brian Walker, Global Strategy Lead for Commerce and NA Commerce,Accenture Interactive
Join our exclusive, invitation-only Think Tank where we explore what it means to deliver successful B2B digital customer experiences. The discussion with senior leaders will evolve onsite to meet the needs and interests of the group but potential topics include:
• What are key issues we need to address about the changing B2B landscape?
• What are some success stories and how do we measure success?
• What are the biggest challenges and lessons we can learn?


Brian Walker

Global Strategy Lead for Commerce and NA Commerce
Accenture Interactive

Distributor Business Card Swap & Manufacturer Business Card Swap

4:55 pm - 5:45 pm Distributor Business Card Swap & Manufacturer Business Card Swap
Limited to 20 executives per vertical, first come, first-serve

Think speed dating (without the date)! This fun session lets you meet a load of new and interesting people, to build connections as the conference continues!

5:45 pm - 6:45 pm Bueller At B2B Welcome Reception

Celebrate one of the best movies ever made in Chicago and SAVE FERRIS!

6:40 pm - 6:40 pm End of Day One