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May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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 Dave Grimm
Dave Grimm Digital Experience Director Illumina Inc.
Dave is a marketing and ecommerce executive with leadership experience ranging from lean start-ups to global corporations. 

He started his Silicon Valley career with Esurance in 1999, and never looked back. Almost 20 years later, Esurance is still thriving on the same core model.

While at USAA Financial Services (private, $20B+), Dave was a leader in one of the first enterprise-scale User Experience organizations in the world. Dave chaired the "Member Experience Committee" with oversight for all customer-facing channels. During his tenure, USAA received top-ranks in customer experience by Forrester, Tempkin, and Satmetrix.

Today, Dave leads Digital Experience and Ecommerce for Illumina (ILMN, $2B+), a global B2B life sciences firm. He is still passionate about making his B2B customers’ digital interactions engaging, helpful and useful; just like in their daily B2C lives. 

Over his career, Dave has worked in both B2C and B2B markets; building programs that meet customer needs while deepening product and service relationships. 

Ask Dave why he thinks, “UX delivers to the bottom line.”

Day One: Customer Acquisition and Omnichannel

2:50 PM Panel Revolution: Creating an App Experience That Will Support Your eCommerce Business

The B2B customer is varied, therefore it’s necessary to understand how to tailor your app to those customer’s needs, turning your app into a tool for your eCommerce business.

•    Figuring out the best use of your app as a support mechanism
•    Deploying your app efficiently to tailor to geography and job function
•    Maintaining and upgrading your app as needed