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May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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 Jeff Hunt
Jeff Hunt CEO Snap36
An online marketing veteran, Jeff Hunt spent ten years at Adobe-Scene7 energizing his passion in rich media, merchandising and user experience. After opening Scene7 offices in Chicago, London, Paris and Hamburg, Jeff listened to his clients and recognized an unmet demand for spin photography. Inspired to offer a more visually interactive online experience, Jeff founded Snap36 to deliver turnkey photography services and provide the equipment, technology and expertise needed to implement 360° & 3D spin photography.

Day One: Customer Acquisition and Omnichannel

2:30 PM Case Study: First-Time Fix: The Bigger Picture

Regardless of whether your customers repair tractor tires or nuclear reactors, a poor first-time fix rate is an early indicator of disgruntled customers, likely customer attrition, and reduced profitability. So how can distributors support first-time fix success? By improving parts identification. More than 50% of service jobs requiring a second or third visit are the result of not having the right part for the repair.

Heritage Parts, the leading online provider of commercial kitchen replacement parts, recently partnered with Snap36 to create 360° images to advance parts identification for more than 60,000 parts. During this presentation you’ll hear from Heritage Parts and Snap36 on why comprehensive parts identification is the most essential ingredient in driving first-time fix success.

Day Two: Engagement & Customer Experience Optimization

4:35 PM Interactive Roundtable Discussions

This is your opportunity to break into small groups and brainstorm with your peers on specific topics around digital marketing and eCommerce.  Please choose two discussions for 30 minutes each.
Table 1: A Digital Experience Diary- The secrets to awe-inspiring digital experiences 
Charles Sherman, Marketing Cloud Evangelist, Adobe

Table 2:
Rob Green, Director of Sales & Marketing, Amazon Business

Table 3: Identifying Challenges in Scaling Your eCommerce Business
Aaron Sheehan, Solutions Architect, Classy Llama

Table 4: Senior Executive, Cloudcraze

Table 5:
Rob Stowell, Director of Sales & Alliances, Codifyd
Aamir Burki, Principal Practice & Consultant Lead, Digital Strategy, Codifyd

Table 6: Why PIM Implementations Alone Do Not Deliver ROI
Dino Eliopulos, Managing Director Client Services, Earley Information Science

Table 7: What Manufacturers & Distributors Need to Know About Modern App Development in Today's API Economy
Bill Osteraas, Sales & Business Development, OrderCloud.io

Table 8: Beyond Responsive, Building a Native Mobile Strategy  
Randy Higgins, VP Digital Strategy & Business Development, Insite Software
Brian Strojny, Founder/Sr. Vice President, Insite Software 

Table 9: Developing A Scalable Platform Strategy For Today’s Needs And Tomorrow’s Growth
Andrej Maihorn, VP Customer Innovation Americas, Intershop

Table 10:
Suchit Bachalli, President, Unilog

Table 11: Manufacturers: Product Pages Are Your Digital Front Door
Paul Wlodarczyk, Product Information Practice Lead, Dakota Systems 

Table 12: Leveraging Business Intelligence to Drive Growth
Shannon Hane, Director of Product Marketing, Magento Commerce
Lucas Taddonio, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Magento Commerce

Table 13: Gaining an E-Commerce Advantage with Enhanced Product Content
Jeff Hunt, CEO, Snap36

Table 14: The Seven Key Capabilities of CX Leaders
Gregg Sampson, Director of Digital Strategy, Perficient Digital

Table 15: Creating An Integrated Credit Platform That Encourages Sales And Provides Optimal Customer UX
Lisa Saacks, VP Business Development, BlueTarp Financial

Table 16: Commerce Strategies for Increasing Your Sales Channels and Revenue
Joe Mulchay, Director Digital Marketing and Sales, King Koil
Sandeep Kuttiyatur, Founder & President, eComchain

Table 17:
Table 18:
Table 19:
Table 20 :