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May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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 Marta Dalton
Marta Dalton Director, B2B eCommerce Coca Cola
Marta Dalton got her start in eCommerce back in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan and has been in love with the eclectic mix of technology, marketing, and operations that make up the world of eCommerce ever since.  She’s led development & database teams to build new platforms, created new pricing strategies, and launched global digital marketing plans to drive adoption & engagement.  She recently joined Coca-Cola Refreshments as Director of eCommerce to lead the B2B eCommerce business in North America and is thrilled to be working for a brand she’s loved since childhood.

Day One: Customer Acquisition and Omnichannel

12:20 PM Panel: Strong from Within: Ready Yourself for True Digital Transformation

Unlike many other functions, digital and eCommerce can influence every aspect of a company’s business.  Making decisions around where you place your internal digital team, how big it is and how much influence it has is the backbone to the entire omnichannel experience.

•    Building your internal team to support your digital initiatives
•    Understanding where to situate digital teams within your larger organization
•    Evolving and sustaining digital competencies

2:50 PM Panel Revolution: Simplifying B2B Pricing Complexities to Facilitate the Sale

There is a complexity to the B2B pricing experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else. This panel will look at the different ways that you can break-down pricing, making it easier to get that sale.

•    Making the pricing process easier
•    Understanding the challenges of taking an offline contract online
•    Breaking down the business needs of your customer to align with the right price allocation
•    Personalizing pricing your eCommerce customers and communicating it effectively

Day Two: Engagement & Customer Experience Optimization

7:30 AM Women in B2B Breakfast

Interested in meeting other dynamic, leading female executives in B2B? This session is for you! Join our closed-door breakfast for female manufacturing and distribution executives.

2:20 PM Case Study Revolution: Personalizing Emails to Advance Your Customer Engagement

While it may be easy to blast out a generic email to your customers, you may be compromising your email reputation. This Case Study Revolution will not only address the benefits of email personalization, but also how you can achieve them.

•    Developing automated processes for email marketing
•    Avoiding batch and blast
•    Understanding how to create targeting emails
•    Extracting data and closed-loop reporting to segment your audience appropriately
•    Using customer data to further enhance your email marketing campaigns