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May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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 Robert Elzner
Robert Elzner eCommerce Marketing Director Dell, Inc.
Rob Elzner is an accomplished eCommerce and marketing operations senior professional with a strong blend of B2B & B2C eCommerce sales, extensive marketing & technology services experience and is used to leading large professional organizations and business development.  He has been part of Dell for the past 15 years holding positions as a highly effective project and program manager with history of leading complex yet successful launches and integrations on time and under budget.  For the past 7 years he has been responsible for web sales on Dell.com, customer pathing and funnel strategies, site merchandizing and web site conversion optimization, and highly involved in digital marketing efforts.  Rob has passion for technology and analytics as it relates to customer shopping and purchase behaviors    

Day One: Customer Acquisition and Omnichannel

2:50 PM Panel Revolution: Simplifying B2B Pricing Complexities to Facilitate the Sale

There is a complexity to the B2B pricing experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else. This panel will look at the different ways that you can break-down pricing, making it easier to get that sale.

•    Making the pricing process easier
•    Understanding the challenges of taking an offline contract online
•    Breaking down the business needs of your customer to align with the right price allocation
•    Personalizing pricing your eCommerce customers and communicating it effectively

Day Three: Retention & The Customer Journey

8:45 AM Keynote: Creating Cohesion After M&A: The Dell Story

One of the biggest mergers in the industry occurred when Dell purchased EMC last year.  It was a long and complicated buying process, but Dell acquired EMC in September of 2016.  However, just because the ink is dry, doesn’t mean the job is done.  Hear Robert Elzner at Dell discuss what it means to merge two massive B2B companies with separate systems, platforms, and overall digital strategies and cultures.

Understanding how to work with and partner legacy systems and onboard new ones
Creating one unified culture of digital transformation
Integrating functions to your best advantage, with the most advanced team and talent