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May 08 - 10, 2017

Chicago Renaissance Downtown

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 Sonesh Shah
Sonesh Shah Director of Digital Bosch Tool Corporation
Experienced digital leader - currently leading all digital marketing, eCommerce and connected products for Bosch Tool Corporation in the US and Canada. Responsible for setting our digital strategy across our brands and supporting digital transformation efforts in both B2B and B2C.
Passionate about the change that digital can bring to the brand <-> user relationship and growing brands in the digital age.

Diverse Background. Spent my career working across disciplines (roles in engineering, finance, strategy, and general management), across continents (managed business in Latin America and Asia Pacific, Lived in Germany), and across enterprises (large and small).

Day One: Customer Acquisition and Omnichannel

9:30 AM Panel: Marketplaces: Understanding the Potential Opportunities and Risks

Marketplaces have made huge waves in the B2B industry.  Many of them came from the B2C space, meaning they have a deep understanding of their customers, their segments and a handle on a superior customer experience.  As they continue to take market share, B2B companies must decide whether or not to view marketplaces as the competition, or engage with them as customers themselves.

•    Identifying the best marketplaces for your brand
•    Extracting usable data from a marketplace
•    Cultivating a customer base using marketplaces
•    Avoiding price hacking to maintain your margins

4:10 PM Manufacturer & Distribution Only Interactive Roundtables

This is your opportunity to break into small groups and brainstorm with your peers on specific topics around digital marketing and eCommerce. 

Table 1: Organization Design for Marketing & Sales Alignment in Decentralized Organizations
Ken Novak, Global eBusiness Marketing Manager, Parker Hannifin

Table 2: Build a Differentiation Wall: Best Practices to Fight Cross-Channel Competition
Tom Gale, President & Publisher, Modern Distribution Management

Table 3: Manufacturer Strategies for Content Success
Sonesh Shah, Digital Director, Bosch

Table 4:
Jeff Buysse, VP, Sales & Marketing, GOJO Industries

Table 5:
Dawn Zassick, Sr. Director Marketing, Tucker Rocky

Table 6: Communities: Do they work for B2B brands?
Jim Lillig, Brand Manager, Digital Marketing, Bosch

Table 7: Let’s Talk: The Role of Conversations in The Digital Age
Mike Roth, Senior Director, eCommerce, MSC Industrial

Table 8: Engaging Your Salesforce to Increase Online Sales
Sophia Drivlas, VP eCommerce, Interline Brands

Table 9: 
Jodi White, CFO, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems LLC

Table 10:
Boaz Soifer, CEO, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems

Table 11: A Digital Experience Diary- The secrets to Awe Inspiring Digital experiences
Charles Sherman, Marketing Cloud Evangelist, Adobe

Table 12: 
Dale Kendall, VP, eCommerce, Wesco Distribution 

Table 13: Why Customer Experience Matters - Changing Demographics of the B2B Buyer
Kevin Roskopf, Director of Customer Relations, ibSupply

Table 14: 

Table 15: