B2B Online 2019

April 29 - May 01, 2019

Chicago Marriott Downtown

Ajay Kamble

Turtle & Hughes, Inc.

Day Two: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

8:55 AM Keynote Fireside Chat: Developing Capabilities and Personalization for Specific Customers to Improve CX

B2B customers require a different level of support as critical things are happening with the products they’re ordering. How can you help the customer to narrow the search and make them more dependent on coming to you over a competitor? Ajay Kamble, Chief Information Officer for Turtle & Hughes understands that B2B buyers require a different level of customization from a products and service perspective. Ajay will share how to customize pricing, search and more to make the experience easier as well as:

• Segmenting customers to determine opportunities for increased personalization
• Partnering with sales and customers to build capabilities to make their ordering easier
• Implementing real time personalization to tailor messaging to improve experience

Day Three: Prepping for the Future of Digital

11:55 AM Fireside Chat: Overcoming the Challenges of Omni-Channel Pricing Enforcement

The internet is so vast, its incredibly difficult to monitor, especially when it comes to price. How do you manage pricing and product complexity in a multi-channel environment? What should you know about showing price online? Panelists will share top tips to manage price in omni-channel, including:

• Monitoring pricing across a broad distribution and marketplace landscape
• Revising outdated pricing models to meet eCommmerce expectations without disrupting the market
• Reviewing best practices for handling pricing competition in marketplaces
• Leveraging pricing automation to reducing manual processes

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Ajay.

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