B2B Online 2019

April 29 - May 01, 2019

Chicago Marriott Downtown

Guillaume Deudon

Director, Customer Experience Services, Chicago Digital Marketplace Center
The Dow Chemical Company

Day One: Capitalizing on Growth Through Digital Innovation

2:55 PM Panel Discussion Remix: Reviewing the Ins and Outs of Personalization to Drive Revenue

Personalization is one of the most exciting data-driven opportunities B2B marketers are investing in. We’ve all experienced personalization as B2C buyers, but what does personalization mean in B2B? How can you provide relevant information to current and potential customers? How can it be used to show value over competition? How can you use search metrics for a more personalized web experience? Hear from early adopters of personalization to find out how to:
  • Get personal to one person when it’s an aggregated purchase
  • Capitalize on spend data through multiple opportunities 
  • Take an offline experience and provide it virtually with a sense of personalization at a lower cost
  • Leverage personalization to support catering to high value customers

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Guillaume.

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