B2B Online Virtual Event & Expo

October 28 - 29, 2020


11am ET - 5:30pm ET

Jim Lillig, Director, Digital Marketing at Remke Industries
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Jim Lillig

Director, Digital Marketing
Remke Industries

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Day Two – Thursday, October 29, 2020 Optimizing The Customer Journey Online & Offline

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

3:10 PM CASE STUDY: How To “Intentfully” Rethink Your PPC To Deliver Higher ROAS, Reduce CPC and Simplify Account Management

Nearly 20 years ago, Jim Lillig placed the first PPC ad on the Google Self-Service Platform 15 minutes after it opened. Since then he has been continually learning how B2B PPC campaigns can be optimized to deliver maximum results. Remke Industries has been steadily increasing its PPC presence over the last 18 months, but not by spending more. Remke has been able to spend just 25% of what they had been and see a 253% CTR improvement over their industry benchmarks. The key is how campaigns are structured and how you value specific keywords in your campaigns. Jim’s 4 Buckets Strategy can dramatically increase your PPC efforts results simply by rethinking how you look at search. Learn how to:

  • Adjust your PPC strategy to include the 4 most important buckets of keywords
  • Create greater click thru rates and higher Quality Scores
  • Conquest your competition using simple product based strategies
  • Show greater ROAS on campaigns
  • Managing your account quickly