B2B Online 2019

April 29 - May 01, 2019

Chicago Marriott Downtown

Jody Yeganeh

Senior Director, Digital Marketing & eCommerce
Lawson Products

Day One: Capitalizing on Growth Through Digital Innovation

2:55 PM Panel Discussion Remix: Optimizing Your Multi-channel Strategy for eCommerce Success

While businesses focus on ramping up the eCommerce channel to drive growth, it remains a vital cog as part of a broader strategy. Customers want a multi-channel experience to help them meet their business needs in an easy way. How do all of these pieces fit together? Panelists will share how to successes to help you:
  • Optimize the channel footprint
  • Get the channels to work together and not cannibalize each other
  • Avoid and manage channel conflict
  • Determine when to go direct with other channel partners

Day Two: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

3:10 PM Panel Discussion Remix: Promoting PIM Strategy To Engage And Convert Customers

Content and PIM are two of the greatest tools to help engage customers and get them captivated on the site for repeat purchasing. What are best practices on how to use PIM effectively? How can PIM help to organize data better on the backend?  How can you leverage it to learn what truly moves the needle for customers? Experienced PIM users will shed light now how to get the most out of PIM to increase conversions, including:
  • Moving customers through the funnel and into the flow of site easily to engage and convert them
  • Targeting customers differently and providing different products depending on their preferences
  • Examining your success metrics, including conversion rates, revenue per visitor and engagement levels
  • Optimizing your configurator experience to identify the optimal number of products to show customers
  • Testing and reiterating constantly to avoid missing any opportunities

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jody.

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