B2B Online 2019

April 29 - May 01, 2019

Chicago Marriott Downtown

Mihir Kittur

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Day Two: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

8:55 AM Keynote Fireside Chat: Developing Capabilities and Personalization for Specific Customers to Improve CX

B2B customers require a different level of support as critical things are happening with the products they’re ordering. How can you help the customer to narrow the search and make them more dependent on coming to you over a competitor? Ajay Kamble, Chief Information Officer for Turtle & Hughes understands that B2B buyers require a different level of customization from a products and service perspective. Ajay will share how to customize pricing, search and more to make the experience easier as well as:

• Segmenting customers to determine opportunities for increased personalization
• Partnering with sales and customers to build capabilities to make their ordering easier
• Implementing real time personalization to tailor messaging to improve experience

9:35 AM B2B Tonight, This Morning! Not Your Average Keynote Panel!: Shifting from Utility to Engagement with B2B Customers

The growth of eCommerce is opening up new opportunities to better engage with customers. How can you look at digital transformation in a more customer facing way? How do you move away from transactional online purchasing to deeper engagement with brand, content and products?  How can you keep up with evolving customer expectations? eCommerce execs will share actionable insights to increase customer engagement, including:

• Understanding how to revamp the website to achieve continual engagement and avoid plateaus
• Connecting other channels to define the customer journey and increase conversions
• Listening to the customer and providing the right experience through channels
• Gaining more business from opportunistic customers

11:30 AM Keynote Panel Discussion: Building a More Sophisticated Customer Journey to Improve CX

As B2B adopts more and more from B2C, there are exciting opportunities to enhance customer experience for business buyers. How do you get started building out a more sophisticated customer journey? What are the different steps to take? What should your development cycles look like? What do you want the CX to look like? Panelists will answer these questions and more and offer best practice tips including:

• Designing an upgrade strategy to improve CX and drive retention and repeat business
• Understanding the latest methods to map the customer journey and measure performance
• Increasing AOV by having proper bundling, up-selling, and cross-selling in the customer journey
• Knowing how to provide what customer don’t know they want yet to delight and drive longer term engagement

12:15 PM Keynote Panel Discussion: Collaborating Across Functional Teams to Drive Innovation for Customers

Digital transformation requires significant collaboration across the business. Marketing, IT, customer experience, operations, logistics and beyond must be in sync to deliver a delightful experience to meet increasingly high customer expectations. How do you organize teams to drive customer experience? How do you break down silos to better serve the customer? Panelists will answer these questions and more, including:

• How do you build product teams to innovate from a process and product perspective?
• How do you determine which areas marketing and IT own?
• What should the responsibilities be for marketing, IT, data, finance and operations to ensure a successful product launch?
• How do you get cross functional alignment for long-term planning to grow the business?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Mihir.

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