B2B Online Chicago 2020

August 05 - 06, 2020

Chicago Marriott Downtown

Samer Shehadeh, Global eCommerce & Innovation Director, Electrification Business at ABB
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Samer Shehadeh

Global eCommerce & Innovation Director, Electrification Business

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Samer.

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Day One: Growing and Innovating Digitally

Monday, April 20th, 2020

12:10 PM Keynote Panel Discussion: Solving the B2B Digital Puzzle with the Marketplace Model

Outdated processes and shifting customer preferences are creating a digital divide between manufacturers & distributors and the modern B2B buyer. As business buyers increasingly seek more consumer-like purchasing experiences, and first-movers threaten to capture whole categories, manufacturers and distributors are grappling with the challenge of developing the right digital strategy while acting quickly enough to avoid being left behind. Market-leading organizations are turning to the marketplace model: in the next 5 years, B2B online marketplaces will grow to account for 30% of all worldwide B2B sales online. In this session, manufacturers, distributors, and procurement providers alike will learn:

  • The opportunities and challenges of different strategies that manufacturers and distributors are using to accelerating digital maturity
  • How the marketplace model can help manufacturers and distributors create a more scalable digital business, reach new customers, and gain valuable customer data
  • The marketplace strategies that market leaders including ABB Group, and HPE are using to create compelling digital offerings and access new levels of customer insight

2:50 PM Panel Discussion: Taking Flight: Global Expansion Of Your eCommerce Site

eCommerce offers the opportunity to expand on a global scale, but you must be prepared to tackle significant challenges. From cultural and language differences to different digital purchasing pathways, there are many key success factors to consider. Panelists will shed light on top considerations to achieve successful global expansion digitally, including:

  • Identifying cultural differences in different regions to determine areas to tailor to your customers
  • Localizing your eCommerce site with different languages as needed
  • Analyzing international expansion challenges:

  • Creating a global CRM database
  • Disconnect with pricing
  • Determining different digital paths to purchase in specific regions
  • Monitoring inventory that meets regional requirements
  • Properly accounting for duty and International shipping
  • Logistics, delivery and fulfillment 
  • Deployment and management interactions for global and regional teams