B2B Online Virtual Event & Expo

October 28 - 29, 2020


11am ET - 5:30pm ET

Udayan Bose, Founder & CEO at NetElixir
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Udayan Bose

Founder & CEO

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Udayan.

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Day One – Wednesday October 28, 2020 Growing and Innovating Digitally

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

2:20 PM Transition to VIP Roundtables

Since the day was jam-packed with detailed presentations and thought-provoking panel discussions, here’s your opportunity to be part of the discussion! Join a group of your manufacturer and distributor peers to share ideas and new best practices in an intimate virtual environment.

1.      Topic TBD

Executive Speaker, Shift7

2.      Topic TBD

Executive Speaker, Salsify

3.      Topic TBD

Executive Speaker, E-Spirit

4.      Topic TBD

Executive Speaker, NetElixir

4:10 PM CASE STUDY: Harness the Power of Customer Data to Make B2B Search Marketing Work

Cole Parmer is a leading global manufacturer of life sciences, pharma, and environmental industry products which hired NetElixir to manage their global search marketing, SEO, and marketplace programs. Working closely with the marketing teams at Cole Parmer, NetElixir built a strategic campaign management framework and a set of processes that converts real-time customer data into actionable insights. These data insights fuel NetElixir's digital marketing campaign management and optimization engine. During this insight-packed presentation, Andrew Carlson of Cole Parmer and Udayan Bose of NetElixir will share insights on how they harnessed customer data to exponentially grow search marketing performance.

·        What data points do we need to capture and analyze: 3 questions that we asked

·        Connecting the insights with execution strategies: Creating an operating plan for success

·        Measuring the impact: custom KPIs that helped us measure progress vs. plan