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A Digital Journey: Transforming B2B Retail for AmeriPride Services

A Digital Journey: Transforming B2B Retail for AmeriPride ServicesA Digital Journey: Transforming B2B Retail for AmeriPride Services
In a webinar hosted on October 25, 2016, Rob Marlotte, Director of Pricing and eCommerce at AmeriPride was joined by Dwayne Doshier, Senior Director, Custom Growth Services at InSite Software to present the details of AmeriPride’s digital journey and success in order to help other B2B sellers achieve the same returns on their B2B ecommerce investments.

During the discussion, the partners highlight key applications hosted on AmeriPride’s InSite platform— software for which AmeriPride conducted extensive senior management involvement and a board review, which established the groundwork for a comprehensive approach to implementation.

From a leadership standpoint, AmeriPride had to ensure digital and ecommerce objectives aligned with the company’s greater strategy.

This paper shares the details of AmeriPride’s collaboration with InSite to reach these objectives on their digital journey, and transform their traditional B2B business into a scalable, leading-edge resource for their customers.

Key topics include:
  • Beginning the Digital Journey in eCommerce
  • Continuing the Digital Journey in Sales
  • Utilizing Analytics on the Path to Purchase
  • Bringing Aboard Traditional Customers



AmeriPride Services is a 127-year-old family-owned company that serves customers across North America. It has transitioned its business strategy to include more digital tools; however, the vast majority of AmeriPride’s revenue is in their traditional linen and uniform rental business, which includes items such as table linens, industrial shirts and pants, floor mats, and towels.

AmeriPride began going digital only 10 years ago. Later, when the company’s original ecommerce platform became outdated, they sought out a replacement and discovered InSite’s software. With InSite, AmeriPride looked beyond a single, project-implemented ecommerce platform and launched what can be described as a new ‘digital journey.’ Now, following a five-year strategic planning cycle, the company is investing in customerfacing tools that differentiate their service offerings, empower their marketing initiatives with valuable data, and support the sale of high-value products and services.

Additionally, the platform enables customers to use buyer tools and self-service, as well as empower sales reps by integrating disparate data from a variety of sources within the company—AmeriPride’s ERP, invoicing system, and analytics sources.

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