Beacon Is Sponsoring Giveaways & Job Opportunities For Veterans

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Looking after the country's veterans should be a priority for all. Whether you agree with the nation's foreign policy or not, veterans are people like any other and deserve to be able to live with care and dignity when they return from foreign warzones.

However, veterans often find it incredibly difficult to adjust to civilian life. There are high instances of mental health issues such as PTSD and depression among this population. Many veterans even end up homeless due to the lack of a strong support network and difficulties with finding civilian employment.

As a leading provider of roofing equipment and materials, Beacon Roofing Supply wanted to do something to help and support veterans in a manner that was congruent with its industry. To that end, it came up with a special contest that would fulfill its objectives and help promote its brand.

Beacon Roofing Supply

The result of this endeavor was named Beacon of Hope, a competition that would see five veterans receive a new roof for their home, completely free of charge. The contest would be opened to any homeowner veterans over the age of 18 across the nation who had received an honorable or general discharge.

"The Beacon of Hope contest is one way we can give back to the men and women who have given so much to our country," said Beacon Roofing Supply's Chief Operating Officer, Eric Swank. "It is an honor and privilege to provide a safe roof that they can be proud of and that will protect their family and their belongings."

The contest asks the public to nominate a deserving veteran and submit their application through a special website set up by Beacon Roofing Supply or via email. The nominations must include a short biography of the veteran, including their military branch and years of service, and an explanation of why they deserve a brand-new roof.

The window for nominations ran from July 29, 2019 to September 20, 2019 from which ten finalists would be selected. Those finalists were:

  • Lori Lee A. - Turner Falls, MA
  • Galen A. - North Port, FL
  • Donald A. - Redford, MI
  • John B. - Albuquerque, NM
  • Madison B. - Woodbury, MN
  • Betty F. - Suffolk, VA
  • Robert H. - Bremerton, WA
  • Rodney O. - Plant City, FL
  • Michael S. - Overland Park, KS
  • Ralph S. - Church Hill, TN

The public is then given the opportunity to vote on who they think should win the contest, with the final winner and runners-up to be announced on Veterans Day on November 11, 2019. The new roofs will then be delivered and installed by veteran-friendly roofing companies specially selected by Beacon Roofing Supply, which will provide all the necessary materials.

"Many Veterans who have served our country often face adversity in the years following their service," said Beacon Roofing Supply. "The hardships they endure include financial issues, unemployment, health-related issues (mental & physical), homelessness and so many more. Beacon of Hope was created to give back to our Veterans who are in need of a basic necessity - a safe place to live. We hope to inspire our employees, customers, and communities to come together to help us in our efforts to provide our Vets with a Beacon of Hope."

B2B for Veterans

Beacon Roofing Supply doesn't stop there when it comes to supporting veterans. The company has a long history of seeking out former military personnel and the unique and valuable skillsets they possess. Characteristics such as leadership, drive, discipline, a sense of purpose and more are all skills that can drive amazing B2B experiences for Beacon Roofing Supply's customers.

"We proudly recognize the highly skilled men and women of America's armed forces by providing challenging and rewarding career opportunities to current and former members of the military," said Beacon Roofing Supply's Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Christopher A. Harrison. "We value your loyalty, character, and overall determination to get the job done. Look us up and begin a new and exciting mission with Beacon."

Beacon presently employs 240 veterans across its infrastructure and knows the value this unique demographic can bring to B2B operations. B2B customers value professionalism and integrity. They expect their issues and pain points to be taken seriously, and they can be confident that veterans will be able to meet these expectations.

Final Thoughts

The Beacon of Hope contest and Beacon Roofing Supply's ongoing efforts to engage with a veteran workforce is not only a worthwhile endeavor but also an incredible promotional opportunity for the brand.

The military and those who serve in its various armed forces are held in high regard by huge swathes of the population, and people gravitate towards brands they believe share those values.

You can hear Beacon Roofing Supply's Vice President of Marketing, Jamie Samide, speak at B2B Online 2020, taking place in April at the Chicago Marriott Downtown.

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