LG Electronics' B2B OLED Signage is Making a Big Splash in Kenya

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Omnichannel is not something which is normally prevalent in the B2B marketing space, being as it is often more suitable for delivering consumer-focused retail experiences. However, LG Electronics wanted to promote its amazing new digital signage tech in Kenya and decided to do so with an omnichannel approach.


Let's begin by looking at the product, itself an incredible feat of omnichannel philosophy and design. OLED screens offer some of the highest definition visuals possible with present-day technology and thus offer the perfect fit for brands looking to wow their customers.

LG's OLED signage products can digitally communicate any number of brand-specific messages and media without distracting the viewers from the main event. Ideal for art galleries, retail environments, and hospitality, these screens bring digital marketing to the people it needs to reach.

The most high-tech of these devices are the Open Frame OLED, In-Glass Wallpaper OLED, and Ultra Stretch signage solutions. These innovative designs invoke the sort of frameless screens you may recall from futuristic science fiction movies and make marketing messages hang in the air as if by magic.

In hotels, the Internet of Things technology contained in these screens can allow guests to control lights, door locks, and wireless curtains, among other smart devices through the TV's Pro:Centric Direct user interface. Guests can also access other hotel services such as room service and trip booking through the OLED TV.

"We are extremely proud of our leadership in the global B2B signage industry, but even more proud that we are able to consistently offer such creative solutions for our vertical customers," said B2B Sales Manager for LG Electronics South Africa, Grant Kruger. "Our top priority is to be able to offer high value practical and effective solutions to a wider audience that includes retail, government, hospitality, education and transportation industries."

A Business Innovation Centre

To help promote its new OLED signage technology and other B2B products and services in Africa, LG has opened its first omnichannel business innovation center in Kenya.

The new center is designed to offer business owners, integrators, and contractors the opportunity to engage with and learn about how LG's leading line of commercial solutions can benefit their brand. From the ground up, the innovation center was conceived to be an interactive and omnichannel experience showroom which would give business people from the region the chance to educate themselves about the technology ahead of making a business decision.

Making these kinds of purchasing decisions is no mean feat when it comes to business. Modern entrepreneurs want to be confident they are allocating their budgets appropriately. However, short of trade shows and conferences, they rarely get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with these sorts of products. The LG business innovation center provides a year-round location in which they can try before they buy.

"As a leading technology company, we are committed to giving innovative products and solutions to key customers and partners. The launch of this B2B showroom allows us to not only build and further our relationships with our customers and partners," said LG's Managing Director for East and Central Africa, Janghoon Chung. "It also shows our commitment to drive the innovation and technology space in Kenya. Today, we are proud to launch this showroom and encourage our customers to come and interact with our products and solutions."

The center has also partnered with the University of Nairobi to offer training and certification in the use of LG products. These digitally driven classes and workshops will have the double-edged effect of helping entrepreneurs become more confident with LG's B2B products and offering further omnichannel marketing opportunities for the brand.

Final Thoughts

LG is a leading force in the world of consumer electronics but is less well-known as a provider of commercial products and services. With amazing technology such as its OLED signage products empowering business clients to deliver brand messages in an innovative and futuristic way, LG needed a way to change this.

By opening an omnichannel showroom innovation center specifically catering to B2B clients, complete with a training academy, LG achieves this goal and boosts awareness of its commercial offerings greatly.

You can hear LG's Head of Marketing, Garry Wicka speak at B2B Online 2019, in April and May, at the Chicago Marriott Downtown.

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