B2B Digital Marketing Trend Report for Millennials and Gen-X

Modern B2B buyers expect more from their purchasing experiences. As a result, content marketing is critical to B2B marketers seeking to expand their audience, strengthen their brand, and boost sales. This should come as no surprise. As consumers, B2B buyers have enjoyed the benefits of consistently improving B2C digital experiences. The challenge B2B marketers face is this: achieving high-performing content campaigns that embrace the unique nuances and complexities of B2B sales relationships.

Forrester suggests that “B2B buyers are wired to deal with visual information and to remember stories,” much like consumers. B2B marketers must “make sure [they] have the strategy and tools to produce, manage, and scale your content.”

But Gartner’s 2018 B2B Buying Survey has some troubling news for B2B marketers. “Gen Xers and Millennials report being 1.4× and 2.2× more skeptical, respectively, of any claims made by sales than Baby Boomers… forcing buyers to learn through sales-owned channels isn’t going to cut it.”

B2B marketers know they must do more than simply drive traffic to digital sales channels and eCommerce websites; they must determine a framework for developing successful content strategies now and into the future. Their content must drive measurable business results through sales and ROI, but it must be part of a narrative that will help them build long-term customer relationships as well.

Q3 B2B Online Report: Creating a Roadmap for Successful B2B Content Marketing

In this 2020 B2B Online industry report, we identify the key internal strategies and investments that are shaping successful B2B content marketing strategies today. We identify how winning marketers factor qualitative elements like voice of the customer (VoC), thought leadership, and customer impact into their content. We uncover leading technologies marketers use to launch, automate, and measure their successful content initiatives. We identify which channels marketers are using for their campaigns, and in which channels they will invest in the long term. Finally, we identify the key narrative and strategic contributors to the ‘visual storytelling’ that will shape B2B markets’ futures.

Access the Full Report: Available July 2020

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