B2B Online 2020

April 20 - 22, 2020

Chicago Marriott Downtown

My B2B Online Story by Coburn Flannery:

I attend B2B online every year because it’s the only event that helps me stay strategic in the industry.

Coburn Flannery
E-Business Director
The Granite Group

Coburn’s B2B Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2016

How He’s Participated: Attendee

Conference Highlights: The solution providers showcasing their products and services. We’re not looking to switch but it still helps to know what is available should we need to change things.

It all started with the question ‘Do you have an eCommerce platform?’…

The first time I attended the conference was through one of our vendors. And I’ve just made it a point to attend every year since.

The conversation at the conference has changed over the years. When I first attended, it was all about whether you should have an ecommerce platform for your business. Three years later, an ecommerce platform is a given. The question has been replaced with – what are you doing with your ecommerce platform?

I would like to bring my senior leadership to the event!

I’m a strong believer in first hand experience. And I think my senior leadership would really benefit in attending the conference. The topics, the speakers, the solution providers – it’s a one stop shop if you are looking to stay current in the industry! I’m already building a case as to why they need to attend in 2019!

We want to be prepared for any changes in our future…

This year, I attended the conference with my product manager and we were scouting the exhibitors at the event to see what technologies were out there should we needed to change things in the future. And B2B Online came up twice in our strategy meeting a few days ago.

The point is that my colleagues and I are relying more and more on this event to get the pulse of the industry. Over the years, nuggets of ideas gleaned at the event have creeped into our strategy and implementation. It’s the only event that has had such an impact on our business.

I’ll be back next year…along with my senior management!