B2B Online 2018

May 07-May 09, 2018

Chicago Marriott Downtown

Whitepapers and Reports

2018 Digital Innovation Briefing

In our reports and conferences, we pride ourselves on showing our audience a behind the scenes look at the most successful manufacturer and distributor marketing initiatives. We’re committed to getting you the tools and insights to help build your ultimate omnichannel experience. 

As a marketing executive, it’s essential that you know what the industry leaders are doing to enhance their digital strategy. In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several manufacturers and distributors (of all different sizes) are addressing new digital strategies, customer experience and innovation.

COGNITIVELY APART: Predictive Customer Intelligence in Divisive B2B Markets

In 2018, already competitive B2B companies are tracking industry developments and keeping an eye on the evolution of customer behavior to maintain their competitive edge. According to our findings, 48% of B2B companies are already using predictive technologies as a key part of their business.

This report provides a detailed analysis of market disruption, cognitive maturity, and the evolution of customer engagement in B2B markets; and reveals how business leaders are aligning the enterprise to face the market disruptions.

Accelerating Digital Transformation in B2B Ecommerce

As B2B sales evolves, companies are identifying digital initiatives as part of an essential step towards improving experiences for new and existing customers, as well as differentiating themselves from their competitors. This report identifies how manufacturers and distributors achieve executive support for strategic digital initiatives, and provides insights into key stages of their development, including:

  • Increasing sales through online channels to both acquisitions and existing customers 
  • Aligning digital and business initiatives to achieve executive buy-in 
  • Expanding ecommerce operations for a greater presence in the digital market

Infographic: Transforming B2B Customer Engagement with Cognitive Capabilities

Take advantage of the insights and discover the priorities of leading customer experience executives as they identify their strengths, digital maturity, and areas of improvement in the new B2B digital environment.

Infographic: How Predictive Customer Intelligence is Changing B2B Marketing

What’s changing in the world of cognitive analytics? In this infographic, see how 100 senior executives in digital marketing, IT leadership, and more reveal the state of B2B in the Digital Age.

B2B Future Trends Report

There has been a significant amount of digital transformation within the B2B space in the last few years. Customers who are responsible for purchasing products and services on behalf of their companies also purchase products online in their personal life. They are familiar with brands and interfaces like Amazon and they have come to expect that level of experience in all of their online purchasing…even their professional ones. B2B companies are looking to step up their online experience to meet increasingly higher customers, or risk losing market share to someone who is.
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Closing the Gap: Digital Leadership in B2B eCommerce

The B2B market has already made significant strides in the adoption of new sales channels, but business buyers have shifted to online research and purchasing more quickly than many vendors have been able to adapt. Effective digital transformation for B2B eCommerce demands successful leveraging of technology and a responsive IT environment, one in which both technical teams and stakeholders collaborate to exploit technologies for business advantages.

Key findings include:

  • Fast-tracking digital transformation is a strategic priority on the path to digital leadership
  • The biggest obstacle to delivering the best possible omnichannel eCommerce experiences is Complexity
  • B2B companies must invest in new technologies to support the flexible, personalized omnichannel experiences

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Defining Omnichannel Excellence in B2B

In B2C retail, an omnichannel paradigm is the new gold standard, paving the way for similar progress for B2B. There are several major benefits to a more coordinated digital strategy, not the least of which is the ability to align channels towards the creation of a cohesive customer facing brand experience. On the back end, the ability to collect customer data and incorporate it into a single view has major potential for brands who can tailor their programs around progressively more segmented insights based on this information.

Key points include:

  • Organization of ecommerce and digital marketing strategies
  • Growing digital sales
  • Need to integrate point solutions into omnichannel

The B2B Online 2016 Director's Report

Fierce competition around B2B commerce is fueling a new emphasis on digital experiences and tactics. Taking the best practices from B2C and leveraging them in a business to business environment presents major challenges, with the potential for serious reward for the winners. Along with a special agenda preview for 2016, this report features:

-Insight on the omnichannel trends shaping the new B2B
-Creating executive buy in on digital initiatives
-What technologies are leading edge brands emphasizing in 2016

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A Digital Journey: Transforming B2B Retail for AmeriPride Services

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In a webinar hosted on October 25, 2016, Rob Marlotte, Director of Pricing and eCommerce at AmeriPride was joined by Dwayne Doshier, Senior Director, Custom Growth Services at InSite Software to present the details of AmeriPride’s digital journey and success in order to help other B2B sellers achieve the same returns on their B2B ecommerce investments.

During the discussion, the partners highlight key applications hosted on AmeriPride’s InSite platform— software for which AmeriPride conducted extensive senior management involvement and a board review, which established the groundwork for a comprehensive approach to implementation.

From a leadership standpoint, AmeriPride had to ensure digital and ecommerce objectives aligned with the company’s greater strategy.

This paper shares the details of AmeriPride’s collaboration with InSite to reach these objectives on their digital journey, and transform their traditional B2B business into a scalable, leading-edge resource for their customers.

Key topics include:

  • Beginning the Digital Journey in eCommerce
  • Continuing the Digital Journey in Sales
  • Utilizing Analytics on the Path to Purchase
  • Bringing Aboard Traditional Customers