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At B2B Online, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and infographics.

B2B Research Briefs

Finding a Pathway to AI Maturity in B2B Customer Experience Initiatives

AI is one of the most popular buzzwords in B2B marketing, but not all marketers are bridging the gap between its potential and its best practices. Successful companies are laying a foundation with internal education, embedding knowledge about AI and using AI to increase their marketing effectiveness.

B2B Blog Posts

HP Uses the Power of Storytelling to Celebrate International Women's Day

Gender issues are big news right now, with societally-conscious brands all trying to do their bit to create a fairer and more equal world for everyone regardless of their identity.B2B marketers can help get this message out there is to use the power of storytelling to simultaneously promote equality and the brand itself.

LG Electronics' B2B OLED Signage is Making a Big Splash in Kenya

By opening an omnichannel showroom innovation center specifically catering to B2B clients, complete with a training academy, LG achieves this goal and boosts awareness of its commercial offerings greatly.

Customer Experience Marketing Strategies to Boost Loyalty and Prevent Churn

Fostering customer loyalty is more challenging today than it ever has been before. The nature of B2B ecommerce market is that it's a matter of simplicity to switch to another brand. Expanded choice, price comparison sites, and more have made the need to go the extra mile to retain your customers.

How US Foods Helps Restaurant Customers Stay Modern With Trendy Food

Food trends can be as fleeting and short-lived as those of the fashion industry, piling enormous pressure on restaurants and other food outlets to stay current if they want to continue to attract diners through the door.

Unilever Shakes Up Influencer Marketing with a New Set of Best Practices

Social media platforms such as Instagram the have the power to exert influence over buying decisions. 71% of marketers believe influencer partnerships are good for business, and 70% of millennials - trust social media influencers over traditional celebrity recommendations.

Personalization: The New Foundation of B2B Digital Sales

eCommerce is a high performer among manufacturers and distributors. Now, these companies are prioritizing advanced data methods as they seek to upgrade their current commerce infrastructures.

How B2B Brands Can Leverage Automation To Capitalize On Growth

Digital transformation is finding its way into almost every marketplace, enabling work to become more efficient and profitable by automating core processes and activities, freeing up human staff to concentrate on those parts of the business that machines are unable to handle.

The Next Generation of B2B Purchasing

B2B salespeople continue to use traditional methods of selling, such as engaging buyers via phone calls or even face to face. But time has become a constraint for buyers, and new digital purchasing channels have emerged to speed up the buying process. In this report, we explore the B2B buyer demand for those digital channels versus traditional channels.

How B2B Sales Teams Improve Customer Relationships in Connected Environments

In this study, we analyze industry pain points and directly consult B2B sales leaders to understand how they are approaching their digital transformations. Then, we uncover how the direct attention of salespeople will remain relevant in a complex, technology-driven sales environment.

How Hewlett Packard is Using B2C Techniques to Build B2B Strategy

B2B and B2C marketing strategies are often quite different. However, Hewlett Packard (HP) is bucking the trend with an innovative B2B multichannel marketing strategy.

How SupplyHouse.com Created an Award Winning B2B Content Strategy

Content marketing is the cornerstone of any modern company's strategy, and SupplyHouse.com is plumbing new depths with theirs.

How North Coast Electric and B2X Partners are Building a Community of B2B Success Stories

You can't afford to customize your e-commerce platform until you know what you should be customizing according to your expected return on investment.

Elevate & PURE Have A Strategy To Battle 'Greenwashing' in B2B Packaging & Labeling Industry

Elevate & PURE are using their digital presence to fight back against 'Greenwashing', when companies make misleading claims about the sustainability or eco-friendliness of their products or packaging.

How GE is Using IoT and AI to Lift Inspection Services into the Stratosphere

When it comes to industrial inspections, the minutest attention to detail could make all the difference.

Embracing Mobile Technology in B2B

How to do it right, when most do it wrong.

Tema Frank Explores Digital Marketing and the Customer Experience

We get her thoughts on the changing digital world and customer experience model, and what that means for the future of B2B.

How to Avoid Getting Lost in the B2B e-Commerce Crowd

ThruleConnect's strategy to differentiate from the competition.